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Swimming pool alarms Water closet Patrol 109734

Preventive device designed to improve the safety of the bath, warning him before any accidental fall. It is not conceived as lifeguard and does not exempt the person in charge of the installation of the supervision and vigilance.

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He has to place in a wings of the swimming pool and the electronic sensor will detect the entry in the water of children or animal servants (only acitva if a weight of eight kilos or mas enters the swimming pool), issuing an intense sound both in the own unit and in the remote recipient inhalámbrico of the house.

The alarm loses efficiency in swimming pools with infinite overflow.



  • Easy installation and putting in march.
  • Alarm designed to detect objects of 8 Kg or more.
  • Recipient incorporates inhalámbrico fixation in wall or free (100 m reach), a sound of alarm issues if the detector of the swimming pool is activated.
  • The recipient of remote control works with a battery of 9 V or connected to the electrical network.
  • Certification ASTM F2208 for alarms of swimming pools.
  • Guarantee of 2 years.




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