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Pool Vacuum Hose

With our heavy gauge pool vaccum hoses, pool owners can clean their pools quickly and effectively, getting every last bit of dirt and debris out of the water. Even better yet, these pool vacuum hoses can be used over and over again without any signs of wear and tear.

Nuestros productos

racord manguera limpiafondos astral

En PVC flexible de color azul. Para manguera de limpiafondos de Ø 38 mm

Quitavueltas para mangueras Ø 38 mm GRE 40091
38 Ø Hose adaptador with threaded conection GRE 40091 ASTRALPOOL 3,20€ In stock

Manual vacuum cleaner in the shape of ideal half moon for the cleanliness and aspiration of the...

Unión 2 mangueras flotantes Ø 38 mm y 32mm GRE 40009
2 Vacuum hoses union Ø 38mm and Ø 32mm GRE 40009 GRE 3,10€ In stock

2 Vacuum hoses union Ø 38mm and Ø 32mm GRE 40009

Adaptador de Manguera - Ø 38/32 mm GRE 40095
38/32 mm Hose Adapter GRE 40095 GRE 2,78€ In stock

38/32 mm Hose Adapter GRE 40095

Terminal standar para manguera flotante para instalación de diferentes marcas. Diametro Ø 38mm.
Hose cuff Ø 38 mm GRE 40012 GRE 2,95€ In stock

Hose cuff Ø 38 mm GRE 40012

Manguera autoflotante piscina
Vaccum hoses swimming pool SCP POOL Since 16,90€ In stock

Floating hose for limpiafondos, adapted for the aspiration of the dirt accumulated in the swimming...