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Heat pump Zodiac Z 300

The most competent Heat pump on all the stations. Interchanger of Titanium patented by Zodiac. Valve of electronic expansion to obtain an ideal COP. in all the seasons. Function priority of warming...

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Certified results.

The heat pump Z300, thanks to his electronic descompresor, assures him a COP optimized in all the stations. The heat pumps for swimming pools Zodiac are the only ones of the market that are certified by the norm NF BDC. This norm testifies that the coefficients of performance that we provide are certified. For more than 60 years, this norm is considered to be a guarantee of quality and of seriousness.


With Zodiac's guarantee, you benefit from a heat pump that one finds between the most silent of the market, an information certified for Centres of Transfert de Technologie du Mans (CTTM) of agreement with the procedure ON ISO 3741 and ON ISO 354.


With his interchanger of patent titanium, the Z300 can warm the water of the whole swimming pool without importing his origin and treatment (treatment with chlorine, electrolysis of salt, of bromine, of ozone, etc.).

Function of warming and of cooling.

The priority function of warming forces the beginning of the system of filtration in case of need of warming to support the water of the swimming pool. Thanks to the Reversible function, the Z300 is equally capable of cooling the swimming pool. 

Specification sheet.

ficha tecnica bomba de calor Z300 zodiac



  • Heat pump air / water
  • Interrupting mononote-pad of water flow
  • automatic Thaw for forced ventilation
  • Framework of polypropylene anticorrosion
  • Interchanger (condenser) of TITANIUM anticorrosion.
  • Rotary compressor for the models from 8 to 11 kW - Scroll for 15 kW
  • Thaw for investment of cycle (models all the stations)
  • cooling Fluid R 410
  • To digital Regulator Security pressure switch H.P. and B.P.
  • Thermostat I anti-freeze (for to +5ºC or-8ºC for models all the stations)
  • Racores PVC 1/2 unions 50 included
  • Valve of electronic expansion
  • I Order distantly (optional)


Guarantee of 2 years


PDF Unloads Specification sheet Heat pump Z 300 Zodiac

PDF user's Manual Unload Bomba de calor Z 300 Zodiac

PDF Unloads Practical Guide of Heating swimming pool