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Heat pump Zodiac Z 200

One of the best Heat pumps to the best price. With a great efficiency and to an attainable price. Compact and elegant design. Function includes priority of warming. I give the orders distantly (optionally)

Taxes included


The benefits of a heat pump.

The heat pump is the most economic solution of "heating", since almost 80 % of the energy that is in use for warming the swimming pool ... it comes from the air! Example: 1 kW of emaciated electricity = 5kW returned to his swimming pool. Z200 is a simple and economic solution for the warming of his swimming pool, benefiting from the quality and from Zodiac's service.

It compacts.

With the Z200, Zodiac offers him a heat pump for swimming pool that joins design and performance, ideal to warm small swimming pools. The dimensions of this heat pump are reduced to the maximum, in order to occupy the minimal space in the garden.


The gamma Power corresponds to our offer of the first price. These heat pumps possess Zodiac's technological knowledge and of a very good level of performance. With an excellent relation calidad/boast, it is the best way of acceding to a simple, trustworthy and economic heat pump (for swimming pools of a maximum of 70 m3).


Thanks to his picture of control LCD, only it has to touch the button I initiate, to choose the wished temperature and the machine deals with the rest. The Z200 is easy to install thanks to the connections that it includes.

Specification sheet.



  • Heat pump air / water mononote-pad
  • automatic Thaw for forced ventilation.
  • Interchanger (condenser) of TITANIUM anticorrosion.
  • Thermostat I anti-freeze (for to +7ºC digital
  • Regulator Framework of polypropylene anticorrosion
  • Switch of Fluid flow of cooling water R 410
  • To rotary Compressor
  • Racores PVC 1/2 unions 40/50 included
  • Security pressure switch H.P. and B.P.
  • I give the orders distantly (optionally)



Guarantee of 2 years


Z 200 M3 9 Kw/h.
Z 200 M4 12 Kw/h.
Z 200 M5 14,1 Kw/h.



 PDF Unloads Specification sheet Heat pump Z 200 Zodiac

 PDF users' Manual Unload Bomba de calor Z 200 Zodiac

PDF Unloads Practical Guide of Heating swimming pool