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Heat pump for swimming pools models EASY PAC for swimming pools of up to 80 m3 with consumption from of 1,25 Kw. Equipment conceived to lengthen the season of bath from April to October with the minor electrical consumption of the market!!!

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LinePool commercializes the brand HYDRO HEATPOOL EASY PAC, they are Heat pumps that count with more than 15 years of experience in countries as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, etc. It supports in constant evolution and I develop the equipments to be able to satisfy the needs and comfort of his clients. With HYDRO's complete range HEATPOOL and the advice of our technical equipment, there will be able to choose the model who better adjusts to his needs, according to environmental and climatological conditions, allowing him to enjoy more and better of his swimming pool with the minor impact for his pocket.

Advantages of the bomba de calor HYDRO HEATPOOL:

  • Tested reliability: All the machines are proved and tested before going out of factory, submitting them to strict quality controls.
  • Maximum energetic / energetic performance I consume: HYDRO HEATPOOL has been concebida to warm and to support the water of the swimming pool to 28 ºC, with a few energetic very low consumptions and the highest performance. The heat pump takes advantage of the heat energy of the air to transfer it to the water. For every electrical emaciated Kw HYDRO HEATPOOL it supplies 5 Kw of caloric power to the water of his swimming pool. This information has been certified to an exterior temperature of 15 ºC and of 14 ºC of the water to warming.
  • Interchanger of Titanium: The exclusive design of our interchanger of TITANIUM, with double chamber in spiral of titanium (internal and external). This increases the surface of exchange and reduces the speed of traffic of the water for the chambers, increasing the time of contact of the water with the interchanger and obtaining some more 15 % of performance that that of the rest of equipments of the market. Interior protected with a covering polymer, which makes it more resistant to the corrosion of the water and the habitual disinfectants (I chlorinate, eléctrolísis salt mine, bromine, active oxygen, ozone, etc)
  • Extremely silent and compact: A HYDRO HEATPOOL, it generates a noise to 5 m of distance of 43 dB, when the level the level of a normal conversation places about the 55 dB.
  • Installation and simple use: His limited size allows to integrate them easily in the new facilities or in the existing ones. Installation near the technical place, on the outside and without any frontal obstacle to less than 4 m, not dorsal to fewer 0,5 m. Equipped with rapid connections of of diameter 50 mm, only it is necessary to do a by-pass after the filter, to programme the temperature of bath wished in the digital controller and ... to enjoying!!!
  • Ecological with the environment: The fluid frigorígeno that use our equipments does not provoke any negative impact the cap of ozone and they do not issue any noxious gas wing atmosphere and it optimizes to the maximum the electrical consumption.
  • Guarantee of 2 years in components and 10 years in the interchanger: HYDRO HEATPOOL has a guarantee of 2 years in pieces as the digital controller, electrical connections, sensor of flow, compressor, and elements that compose it and admás 10 years of guarantee against the corrosion in the interchanger of TITANIUM.

Characteristics and advantages of the model EASY PAC:

  • They work with minimal temperatures of up to 5 ºC.
  • REVERSIBLE with DUAL system SMART, they warm and cool the water and incorporate the function of descarche automatically (heat up to 35 ºC and I fry even 8ºC).
  • Interchanger of Titanium protected against the corrosion.
  • Regulation with automatic digital controller incorporated in the framework.
  • Fluid Frigorígeno Ecológico R410A. It works to higher pressures and improves 10 % the performance of the machines.
  • Compressor rotary Hitachi.
  • Centrifugal horizontal ventilator.
  • For swimming pools of up to 80 m3.
  • Kit priority of warming included in the equipment.

Technical characteristics and models:

Scheme of installation: