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Happy Hop for Swiftech Company Ltd.

Happy Hop for Swiftech Company Ltd.

Happy Hop Jumping Castles is pleased to work with a leading Chinese manufacturer, Swiftech Company Ltd. Swiftech not only is a leader in technology with advanced machine production, but they also ensure the safety of all their products using extensive market and product research. Through this research, they create attractive, affordable, and resilient inflatables, including bounce houses, obstacle courses, all-in-one play centres, slides, and inflatable water slides in over 60 patented designs for Happy Hop. The designs allow the safe use of the inflatables at home for consumers like you. They are easy to use and inflate using an electric air blower that meets worldwide industry standards.

A few reasons that Swiftech Company Ltd has a superior reputation around the globe for their products include:
  • Inflatables are set up in a short time span
  • Inflatables have a continuous air flow via an electric air blower for indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable inflatables that stay inflated, even with a small puncture
  • Manufactures affordable inflatables, so you can purchase them versus continual rentals
  • Consumers can breakdown the compact inflatables for convenient storage

Swiftech Company Ltd has an experienced team of 500+ skilled workers. These workers operate under the ISO 9001:2008 compliance Quality Management Systems. All of the Swiftech team is dedicated to providing quality products at competitive pricing. Swiftech Company Ltd enjoys the fact that children throughout the world can enjoy play-days, graduation parties, birthdays, and other special occasions using their colourful and creative designs, which inspire their imagination to run wild.

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Castillo Hinchable modelo Teatro

Castillo hinchable tobogan saltador
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Casa Hinchable 6 en 1 con tobogan
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Castillo Hinchable 4 Torres con Tobogán
Castillo Hinchable 4 Torres con Tobogán HAPPY HOP 339,95€ 299,95€ Out of stock

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