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Dehumidifier of console MDH75A 80056

Dehumidifier of console of great performance. With applications in covered swimming pools, swimming pools climatizadas, interior swimming pools, spas, wardrobes, gymnasia or any place that needs reduction of dampness.

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The dehumidifiers are sober, elegant devices and of great performance. They can be applied for covered swimming pools or any place that needs a reduction of dampness as swimming pools climatizadas, spas, gymnasia, wardrobes, libraries, museums, etc. His use allows that in interior private or public swimming pools, covered swimming pools and climatizadas, there should be kept the dry air and the comfortable environment, providing a suitable control of dampness. It limits the condensation, avoiding this way the hurts caused by an excessive dampness.


 - compact Design of vertical console, which facilitates his location and integration in any environment.

- Furniture with frontal part in ABS, white color, with coating antidampness and anticorrosion. Fins of air exit with automatic movement for a better diffusion of the air and automatic closing on having disconnected the device.

- Digital Humidostato with indicator of temperature and relative dampness. Temporizador from 1 to 12 hours what allows the automatic unemployment or the putting in deferred march.

- For wall installation or I occur. Capacity of deshumectación from 75 to 175 liters a day according to models.

Technical information of the Model MDH 75A:

  • Type: console.
  • Capacity of extraction (l/24 h) to 30ºC - 70 % HR: 75.
  • Air flow: 600 m3/h.
  • Temperature of service (ºC): 10-35.
  • Electrical tension (V/Hz): 230/1/150.
  • Maximum consumption (W): 1.300.
  • Cooling: R410a.
  • I weigh: 32 kg.
  • Dimensions: high place 673 mm., width 905 mm., and bottom 243 mm.