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Air conditioner Compact 75 BEHQ 110638

Climatiza the interior of the swimming pools covered with the maximum energetic saving. The best solution for swimming pools and spas deprived. The climatizadora deshumidifica, warms the environment, renews the air and recovers the heat.

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The suitable solution for the swimming pools or the particular spas like substitution to the consoles deshumectadoras. It realizes the function of deshumidifiación, air warming, air renovation, heat recovery and deshumidifiación with the air from the exterior. His compact size allows the installation in very limited spaces and is characterized by a very low consumption. It incorporates an automaton that depending on the temperature, interior dampness and exterior dampness, it takes charge supporting the room climatizada in the conditions wished with the minor energetic consumption. 


  •  It uses only a ventilator for the recirculation.
  • The Ventilator auxiliary Joker and the chamber of mixture, they allow to eliminate 2 hatches and 2 servomotors.
  • The expulsion and the air capture on the outside is realized across a hatch of 2 sections.
  • Super compact Climatizadora and ultra efficient.
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