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Adapter Skimmer 800009

Adapter of skimmer made of white ABS who avoids the extraction of the former one for rehabilitation of swimming pools with armed sheet. Standard turns out to be compatible with any skimmer of mouth for swimming pools..

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In order that the adapter is in use of skimmers of ancient swimming pools or of work:

When we are opposite to a swimming pool of work, the traditional one of gresite, that by the passage of time, by movements of the area has been cracked, blue rollers have become detached or have losses of water, the best solution and the only system that contributes watertightness to the swimming pool many years is revestirla with armed sheet.

The adapter skimmer is a product realized for the rehabilitation of swimming pools of gresite with the system of armed sheet. This innovation facilitates the previous work of the installers in the renovation of the swimming pools, since he avoids the work of civil work that is necessary to realize to extract the ancient skimmer and to replace it with a model "liner".

This way, the adapter skimmer of Renolit appears as a rapid and economic solution for the renovation of swimming pools, with an estimated saving from 1.500 to 2.000 € in residential swimming pools. Till now, it had to puncture the stone of coronation and part of the glass to extract the former skimmer and place the new one, but already it is not necessary, so with this adapter, a major simplicity is obtained in the rehabilitation of swimming pools of gresite by armed sheet, a saving of time estimated at approximately eight hours of two operatives and avoids the dirt that it provokes to have to realize a work of civil work.

The adapter skimmer can be in use for the renovation of swimming pools of work type gresite and I cement, with armed sheet (Renolit Alkorplan, Elbe or any other brand). Likewise, the installation of this new product is very easy, since it interferes inside the already existing skimmer. For it the adapter skimmer presents an interior mouth of measures 140x200 millimeters, which it is of the most habitual in Spain (astralpool, etc).